Article Marketing For Affiliate Marketers

In this video Chris Knight, CEO, talks about article marketing and the scaling of article marketing. Chris gives some interesting in site on how ezine articles feels about certain topics regarding articles. There of course is allot of myth about submitting articles and how you should do it. Chris does debunk some myths and also sheds some light on other topics.

Chris also gives some of his opinions how how much of your content you should syndicate and some hard numbers based on data on the number of average article views per year and click through rates.

Allot of people feel that article marketing is dead. Listening to Chris Knight makes me think maybe it isn’t. Chris may be in denial due to the fact that his whole business plan revolves around article marketing and it’s continue success. I myself am not sure if writing articles is a useful way to spend your limited time. If you are having thousands of articles cranked out for you then that may be different. It’s definitely a numbers and volume game for results of any magnitude. This video was made at the Affiliate Summit West 2010, which took place January 17-19, 2010 in Las Vegas, NV.

This video is an hour long but, worth the time if you are interested in article marketing.


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