How To Install a In Ground Fire Pit Ring

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We love having a fire at night out in the yard so we decided to install a fire pit ring in the ground.
We have had the above ground fire pits you can buy in many retail store but we wanted a fire pit that would add to the aesthetics of the yard and give that cabin/camping feel that the above ground store bought fire pits didn’t do.

Installing the in ground fire pit is an easy project and doesn’t take very long to do. This pit took about 2 hours to install and cost forty dollars. Thirty bucks was for the fire ring we picked up from the local farm supply store and ten dollars for a few bags of pea gravel.

Digging The Hole

The first step is to dig the hole for the fire pit ring. The depth of the hole is half of the height of the ring. This way half of the fire ring will be above the grass. This will allow for the rocks that surround the fire pit. I found that using a post hole digger allowed me to get a nice level flat cut in the bottom of the hole.

Also remember to make the diameter larger than the ring so you can pour in pea gravel on the outside of the ring.

Level The Fire Ring

After you get your hole dug. Lay the fire ring in the hole and level side to side. Dig out dirt or add dirt to get it level.

Once you get the ring level, pour in pea gravel around the outside of the fire pit so the level is just below the ground. Note: The pea gravel can be purchased at the home improvement store in bags.

Line The Outside With Pea Gravel and Boulders

The last step is to line the outside of the fire pit with boulders. We found our boulders in local farm fields but you can buy rocks from a landscape supply store.

So there you have it. A great in ground fire pit you can enjoy for years to come.

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