How To Connect a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To a TV or Monitor With a HDMI Cable

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) out. This is the same port you plug in to charge your phone.  I wanted to connect me Note 2 to my tv’s HDMI port.  I picked up a MHL to HDMI cable from Amazon.  This cable connects your Note 2 to your TV or monitor so you can view videos, games, photos and other media.  The connection to the tv is 1080p resolution and 7.1 channel surround sound.  I was very impressed with the quality of the picture on the tv monitor.   One thing to note, you need to supply power for the MHL to HDMI cable to work.  There is a connector built into the cable where you can plug your phone charger into in order to supply power for the cable.


Samsung Galaxy Note 2 MHL to HDMI Cable

Link to MHL to HDMI cable on Amazon


I made a quick video showing the cable in action

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